Cartrack helps to reduce drunken driving with Breathalyser

Cartrack has introduced a new product called Breathalyser that is set to be an invaluable tool in helping fleet managers enforce safer and sober driving.

This product, which is used in association with Cartrack’s Start Inhibit product, prevents drivers from starting vehicles while intoxicated by forcing them to blow into the device before starting to drive. Essentially, Breathalyser serves as a unique tag for starting a vehicle. If the driver’s alcoholic level goes beyond the legal limit of 0.24mg per 1,000ml, then the vehicle won’t start.

In order for Breathalyser to work, customers have to purchase or already have a fleet unit installed. To ensure that Breathalyser doesn’t affect the starting of a vehicle in circumstances where the device is not required, every device has an overwrite code and switch that can be provided to move the vehicle if necessary. As soon as the code has been used it has to be calibrated, a process which has to be repeated every six months.

Breathalyser is based on existing international technology and is approved by the South African Bureau of Standards (SABs) and the International Standards Organisation.