Corporate Responsibility

As part of its commitment as a responsible corporate citizen, Cartrack invests in several initiatives with the intention of uplifting communities and engendering a real, impactful and sustainable difference in the lives of those in need. Here are some of its notable initiatives: 

Education Fund

The Cartrack Education Fund provides primary, secondary and tertiary education opportunities to children from impoverished communities as well as to its employees and their children. Cartrack maintains that supporting young adults and children in their educational endeavours will not only have a profound impact on their lives, but enhance the economic prosperity of their families and communities in future.

Enterprise Development

As part of its socio-economic development programme, Cartrack appointed Pro-Fit, a 100% black-owned SME Pro as an authorised fitment centre . We also provide management support.

Pro-Fit is supported by Cartrack from a financial standpoint as well as through the transferring of management and technical skills. The main purpose of the business is the installation of stolen vehicle recovery products and fleet management systems and the maintenance thereof. 

Pro-Fit exclusively installs Cartrack products and is also authorised to sell all Cartrack products. The Pro-Fit Fitment Centre has received full training on all Cartrack’s products and specifications. 

Missing Children

Cartrack supports the Missing Children South Africa (SA) organisation as part of the company’s commitment to looking after what’s most important to you. This commitment is necessitated by the reality of the high rate of missing persons, with statistics from the South African Police Services reveal that a child goes missing every five hours in South Africa. 

Cartrack supports Missing Children SA financially, thereby allowing the organisation to increase its capacity to provide this vital service to South Africans and provides further support through social media activations and engagements. Thanks to the power of social media, information about missing children can be distributed immediately, which increases the chances of finding them.

Visit the Missing Children page

Wheel Well

Cartrack supports a non-profit organisation, Wheel Well, and the Car Seats for Kids campaign.   The sole purpose of the programme is to collect car seats from donors, ensure they are cleaned, checked for defects, refurbished and then made available to needy families, who in turn, are encouraged to perpetuate the cycle once their children have outgrown their car seats.


Cartrack sponsors a Rapid Intervention Unit called Kwagga.  This vehicle’s main purpose is to secure the scene of an accident and offer support to paramedic and fire personnel.  This support vehicle, which is comprehensively equipped with medical and victim extraction capabilities, operates independently from official medical and rescue vehicles, providing rapid assistance in road accident rescue operations.

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