The Board is committed to good governance and endorses the principles of the King Code in both letter and spirit to ensure consistent practices throughout the Group, providing effective leadership, integrity and judgement in directing the business of the Company to create and maintain value. During this financial year the Board focused on reviewing the application of the King IV principles and is satisfied that these have been substantially applied. There will be continued focus on identifying and addressing any shortcomings in 2018.

The Directors acknowledge that the ethical tone is set from the top and pro-actively review and assess the assimilation and entrenchment of governance best practices in the Group. The Company Code of Ethics addresses acceptable conduct for employees and directors in interaction with colleagues, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. An overview of the steps taken by the Company to comply with the King Code will be made available on the Company’s website.



The purpose of this manual is to facilitate requests for access to information of Cartrack in accordance with the PAIA. The complete manual may be downloaded and contains the procedure for requesting access to information as well as the required forms and relevant applicable fees.

Company Contact Details
Designated Information Officer: Anname de Villiers
E-mail address:

Registered Address: 11 Keyes Avenue, Rosebank, 2196
Postal Address: P O Box 4709, Rivonia, 2128
Telephone Number: (+27 11) 250 3000
Fax Number: (+27 11) 250 3001

Payments should be made to: Cartrack Holdings Limited

Governance Structures

The Board is responsible for directing, governing and controlling the Company’s business by, inter alia, developing and approving the Company’s strategic direction, financial budget, risk and governance framework and supporting policies and procedures. The Board comprises a majority of independent non-executive directors (including the Chairman). There are 5 directors in total, 3 of whom are non-executive. The Board delegates to management the detailed planning and implementation of the Group’s strategic objectives and policies in accordance with appropriate risk parameters. The Board monitors compliance with policies and achievement against objectives by holding management accountable for its activities through performance reporting and regular business updates. The Board operates in accordance with approved terms of reference that are reviewed on an annual basis. The Company’s Executive Directors are involved in the day-to-day management of the Company and business activities of the Group in accordance with the framework of authority delegated to them by the Board.

The Board has delegated certain of its functions to Board committees, but remains ultimately responsible and accountable for these functions.

Internal Control Systems

The Company maintains a system of internal controls, designed to protect value and enable business growth in a sustainable manner, which encompasses financial, operational, compliance and sustainability issues.

This system includes a documented organisational structure and division of responsibility, clarity of accountability, established policies and procedures which are communicated throughout the Group, and the careful selection, training and development of people. The Company has established an independent Internal Audit function that undertakes a programme of financial and operational audits and reviews, as agreed by the Audit and Risk Committee and covering all Group activities. The annual Internal Audit Plan is developed applying a risk-based approach and is reviewed and approved by the Audit and Risk Committee. It is revised regularly to ensure that it remains relevant to the key business priorities and changing risk environment.


Terms of Reference, Policies
Board of Directors – PDF
Audit & Risk Committee – PDF
Remuneration & Nominations Committee – PDF
Social and Ethics Committee – PDF
King Code Application – Under Construction
Whistleblowing Policy – PDF
Cartrack Code of Ethics & Gifts Register – PDF
Cartrack Media & Public Relations Policy – PDF